The most important tool that we would like to make easily accessible to you is this map, where you can search for clinical trials near you. While we find it very important, there are other ways to educate yourself about clinical trials. If you navigate to our "Clinical Trial Connection" page at the top of this site, you'll find information on "Accurate clinical trial info" and "Talking with a clinical trial specialist" (steps 1 and 3 respectively). The section below will give you direct information to step #2: Locate Trials.
Click on the purple map in the upper right corner of this box to find open U.S. clinical trials in your state in just 2 clicks! We developed this direct link to the interactive map of currently open ovarian cancer trials in each state. Once this map opens, click on a specific state to view details about each of the trials. (For open trials in Canada, Europe or Japan click on "CLINICAL TRIAL CONNECTION" link at top of page)

1. Click on a specific state to see open trials.
2. View titles of open trials in that state.
3. Select a title for specific information on that trial.
4. Scroll down the page to the Contacts and Locations section.
5. Click on "Show Study Locations" link.
6. Under your state find the location, contact person and phone number.
7. Call this person for specific information about that trial.