Ovarian Cancer Trial Awareness Network & Empowerment ("OCTANE") is a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission of promoting clinical trial awareness to women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The following policy was developed to help guide and more clearly define our corporate partnerships. All grants provided to OCTANE are unrestricted educational grants and donations. Written materials, including the website, may list the corporation's name but will not provide endorsement of a specific product, treatment or clinical trial. OCTANE may partner with corporations on events, programs, and educational materials. OCTANE will not link from its website to any corporation-specific website. All materials and programs developed by OCTANE are the property of OCTANE, must carry the OCTANE copyright, and cannot be changed, modified, or duplicated without prior written permission from us. Any corporate partner wishing to reference an OCTANE project, publication, or position must seek written approval. We will not release our mailing, e-mail list or any other private information to anyone, including to our corporate partners.