While there are many reasons to consider clinical trial participation, this collection of videos discuss some of the facts about this disease and the important aspects of deciding on a trial.  We hope they will be helpful when considering clinical trial participation.  A special thanks to the organizations that made these possible.

Understanding Gynecologic Cancer Clinical Trials
This brief video explains the main phases of clinical trials as well as the possible differences between treatment arms. It was developed by The Foundation for Women’s Cancer which is the official foundation of the Society of Gynecologic Oncology.

Transforming the standard of care - GOG Foundation
The GOG (Gynecologic Oncology Group) has conducted over 350 clinical trials at over 400 participating sites with over 150,000 patients. The results of these clinical trials have influenced and transformed the standard of care for women with ovarian cancer.

For a list of active ovarian cancer trials sponsored by GOG Foundation select this link.

Gynecologic Cancer Clinical Trials: What This Means for You
This video was produced by the Foundation for Women’s Cancer and was designed for patients who might be interested in participating in a gynecologic cancer clinical trial.  This video won a Gold EXCEL Award in Digital Media: Video (Education) from the Association Media & Publishing and was made possible by a grant from the GOG Foundation, Inc.

Advantages of Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trials – "WORDs of Wisdom" Dr. Bradley J Monk. Dr. Monk, a practicing gynecology oncologist active in clinical trial development, discusses why women should consider clinical trial participation. (Produced by WordonCancer.org)

Finding Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trial – "WORDs of Wisdom" Dr. Bradley J Monk. Dr. Monk provides information on how to locate open ovarian cancer clinical trials with the use of the clinicaltrials.gov database. This is the same database accessed through the OCTANE map link. (Produced by WordonCancer.org)