While there are many reasons to consider clinical trial participation, this page will highlight some of the facts about this disease. In addition to the "Just the Facts" presentation, we were able to participate in the production of two short videos on ovarian cancer clinical trials. We have also included other short videos that we hope will be beneficial as you consider clinical trial participation. A special thanks to our supporters who made these possible.
This is a collection of statements from medical journal articles made by scientists and clinicians about this devastating disease. We put them into a presentation titled "Just The Facts".

A truly grass-roots video produced by a family member of a woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The human side of ovarian cancer trial participation is discussed.

OCTANE's founder is interviewed about the importance of clinical trial awareness and participation at the women's gynecology oncology national race in Washington DC. (2011 National Race to End Women's Cancer video produced by WordonCancer.org)

Advantages of Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trials – "WORDs of Wisdom" Dr. Bradley J Monk. Dr. Monk, a practicing gynecology oncologist active in clinical trial development, discusses why women should consider clinical trial participation. (Produced by WordonCancer.org)

Finding Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trial – "WORDs of Wisdom" Dr. Bradley J Monk. Dr. Monk provides information on how to locate open ovarian cancer clinical trials with the use of the clinicaltrials.gov database. This is the same database accessed through the OCTANE map link. (Produced by WordonCancer.org)

This video was produced by the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and researchers discuss why clinical research is so important in advancing effective treatments for women with this disease. A patient's perspective is also presented.